Common Operational Picture

Applying an operational understanding of how digital systems can improve situational awareness in tactical situations, Fuse developed unique multi-device-supported common operational picture (COP) tools that combine team collaboration tools and video into an easy-to-use interface. Fuse offers two solutions designed to provide team situational awareness (SA) and the enhancement of existing video management systems (VMSs).


Ocular provides unprecedented SA for teams requiring an easy-to-use geo-location information system with interactive map tools. Ocular provides mobile SA through a geo-display called the COP. Ocular enabled teams have an AES-encrypted multi-device-supported communications platform that increases their SA through the use of the COP. Ocular moves beyond the standard voice communications of mobile devices and provide a truly efficient and intuitive solution using COP visual communications. “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and Ocular enables teams to communicate visually sharing landmarks, locations, live video, text, and pictures in near real-time. Image how much information can be passed from an on-scene team member streaming video or sharing a picture when compared or combined with voice communications. Ocular is a giant leap forward in SA tools and can be integrated into any operational environment enhancing decision making accuracy and efficiency with SA.

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THEIA integrates with existing BOSCH VMS systems to seamlessly extend the capabilities of the VMS into a fully functional SA tool that combines geo-location information with the power of the existing VMS. THEIA is a fully manageable geo-referenced video viewing system that seamlessly integrates with the BOSCH VMS. It is a secure, light-weight mobile application that displays the location of cameras over an interactive map, making “one-click” secure, real-time video viewing possible. The THEIA system decentralizes video viewing requirements using mobile devices, enabling businesses to take full advantage of their enterprise video systems.

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