Ocular user interface screenshots.

Ocular user interface examples of interactive map and group chat functions.

Ocular is a software tool built for Android, iOS, and browsers. It is a shared picture with a simple, common user interface that lets you see where your team is and communicate with them. Having a shared map provides a central location to share data.

Ocular is secured with AES encryption, keeping your private information separated from outsiders. The back-end of the system lets you manage your group of members and allow access to data only if authorized.

Ocular provides streaming video across multiple platforms and lets you access that video directly from the map.


Movable icon Moving map with multiple layers.
Location icon Live GPS tracking of personnel.
Visibility icon Airborne video surveillance to many users.
Collaborative edit icon Shared draw-on map and text note tools.
Mesh radio icon Mesh network radio voice-to-radio bridge.