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Fuse on Fox News
Founder and Veteran Sumner Lee is highlighted in a Fox News report on entrepreneur...
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BFTN Engineering
Fuse is contracted to provide engineering support to BFTN.
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Fuse is awarded a Phase II SBIR for advanced networking
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Fuse teams with FabLab San Diego to assemble a team capable of delivering a collaborative space for industry, academia, SPAWAR and the warfighter
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Design Forward Event
Fuse attends Design Forward in San Diego as part of the growing innovation economy in downtown San Diego.
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T3 in trident warrior
Tactical Troubleshooting Tool deploys in Trident Warrior 2016
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Coolest Companies in San Diego
Fuse selected as one of the "Coolest Companies in San Diego" by San Diego magazine!
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Ocular SA software
Fuse rolls out Ocular situational awareness software for First Responders
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Teaming with GALT
Fuse teams with GALT LLC. to develop advanced Battle Management Command and Control solutions.
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Fuse joins the ORISON team, working to bring energy independence to the world.
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Decoupled TDL
Fuse works with PMW-150 and fleet JICOs to develop a networked system for TDL monitoring.
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Prototyping Lab
Fuse installs rapid prototyping lab.
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Fuse SA Toolest
Situational awareness toolset developed by Fuse for first responders.
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Analysis of VIP Airborne Network
SSC Pacific turns to Fuse for analysis of Navy VIP airborne network
08/26/11 1 comment
Warfighter & TCPED
Fuse warfighter workshops explore the TCPED process for SPAWAR.
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Contract: Seaport
Fuse is awarded Prime contract on Navy Seaport-e.