Fuse works closely with clients, users, and stakeholders to deliver solutions across a breadth of engineering and design disciplines. Our core capabilities are complimented by our ability to reach into a strong network of suppliers, consultants, partners, and vendors.

Services We Offer:

Engineering icon


  • Systems engineering
  • Network engineering
  • Software engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Materials engineering
  • Aerospace engineering
  • Aircraft integration
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  • User experience design
  • Environmental design
  • Experience design
  • User interface design
Development icon


  • Software development
  • Mobile development
  • Tactical data link interface design
Flight test icon

Flight Testing

  • Organic flight test capability with San Diego–based O-2A aircraft
  • Sensor and communications system test experience
  • External pod test capability (4 underwing pylons with US military standard mounts)
  • Extensive modification capabilities with on-staff FAA representative
  • Multi-aircraft operations available
  • Low cost platform for highly responsive local operations
Analysis icon


  • Cybersecurity analysis
  • Use case analysis
  • Workflow analysis
  • Ethnographic analysis
  • Failure mode analysis

Prototyping, Modeling, and Testing

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Full scale prototyping
  • Mission modeling
  • Effects modeling
  • Hands-on test
  • Comparative test
  • Field test