Common Operational Picture

Applying an operational understanding of how digital systems can improve situational awareness in tactical situations, Fuse developed unique multidevice-supported common operational picture tools that combine team collaboration tools and video into an easy-to-use interface. Fuse offers two solutions designed to provide team situational awareness and the enhancement of existing video management systems (VMSs).


Ocular is a secure mobile situational awareness and lightweight video management tool built for Android, iOS, and browsers that lets teams operate in distributed environments, providing a map-based view with shared location data, overlay markup, text, video, and voice connectivity.

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THEIA integrates with existing BOSCH VMS to seamlessly extend the capabilities of the VMS into a fully functional SA tool that combines geolocation information with the power of the existing VMS. THEIA is a fully manageable georeferenced video viewing system that seamlessly integrates with the BOSCH VMS. It is a secure, light-weight mobile application that displays the location of cameras over an interactive map, making “one-click” secure, real-time video viewing possible. The THEIA system decentralizes video viewing requirements using mobile devices, enabling businesses to take full advantage of their enterprise video systems.

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