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Fuse has wrapped network components, compatible with ciphertext core networks, into a flexible architecture with removable computers and multiple interfaces. The Fuse Roller CORE solution is a perfect balance between a ruggedized ciphertext network and transportability for senior leaders.

The hardware on the interior of a Roller CORE bag makes optimal use of a small, portable space. The enclosure includes space for two VoIP phone handsets, two laptops, and small printer/scanner in addition to the dedicated crypto, ciphertext, and secure computers. An internal battery backup provides continuous power during power interruptions. The case is compatible with both US and international grid power sources with an included plug adapter. Roller CORE gives you secure networking on the move wrapped in a design that says "Global Executive" instead of "Forward Deployed Soldier."


Transmit-and-receive icon Simultaneous transmit-and-receive video, voice, and data up to 10 Megabits per second.
Aggregated icon Operates in wide area networks including satellite communications and 3G or 4G.
Wi-Fi icon Compatible with Wi-Fi.
Encrypted icon Powerful encryption inside CORE keeps your computing environment secure.
Engineering icon Configurable for both hard case and backpack transport.
Airline regulations icon Sleek yet ruggedized and complies with Federal Aviation Administration carry-on size requirements.
Low profile icon Low profile exterior network access connections.
Firewall icon A firewall in excess of platform requirements provides extra security for communications.
Visibility icon Cross-node visibility into enterprise-wide system configuration and metrics through distributed, decoupled network management software.
Virtualized icon Utilizes virtualized environments with separation of key components to enable flexible adaptation of the system as a whole. These virtualized subsystems allow Roller CORE to adapt to changing needs without costly changes to hardware or footprint.

To learn more about our original ruggedized, minimized SWaP solution, CORE, click the button below.

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