A combination of IP and TDL networks has revolutionized warfare in the airborne domain. Networks stitch together platforms including ISR, C2, tactical strike, and support with ground, surface and subsurface elements. Fuse personnel have led the design and development of airborne networks from early deployment of secure IP network (through both HFIP and SATCOM) through advanced deployment of multi-path transport and integrated IP-TDL solutions. Fuse continues to innovate and develop state of the art airborne networking solutions for military and commercial platforms. Fuse has designed and delivered small SWaP airborne networking architectures with both Line of Sight, and Beyond Line of Sight links. As network connection between airborne, and ground systems continues to become more important, Fuse will continue to lead the way with efficient systems developed through warfighter-focused processes. For more information about Fuse network engineering, software engineering, hyper-converged systems development, mechanical engineering, airframe integration, RF engineering, systems engineering and test please contact our Director of Strategy any time.

Airborne Networking

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