Decoupled TDL

Executing a Phase I SBIR contract with PMW-150, Fuse has connected with operational Navy personnel to dive deep into a warfighter-focused design process for Tactical Data Link (TDL) monitoring. To fully understand pain points for Navy Joint Interface Control Officers (JICOs), and to build a connection between the engineering team and operational activities, Fuse has conducted multiple workshops, site-surveys, and has enrolled members of the engineering team in Navy TDL training classes.  This close connection with TDL users has helped Fuse to identify clear requirements for an improved Tactical Troubleshooting Tool for TDL networks.  Beyond just understanding written requirements, the Fuse approach to this SBIR has designed a user experience with enhanced digital user interface that streamlines troubleshooting activities and enables collaborative work between deployed personnel and engineering support ashore.

Fuse employs a design-thinking approach that pulls the user into design and development activities.  The Fuse warfighter-focused approach is implemented on top of SPAWAR’s standard ‘systems engineering V.’  In contrast to the lab-focused approach of most program offices, this warfighter-focused approach includes the end-user as a direct contributor to design and development.  Fuse connects with users in the field to deliver more intuitive and useful solutions.