Fuse Attends Design Forward

(June 23, 2016) - University of California San Diego brought together an amazing assembly of innovative thinkers, designers, and makers for the Design Forward event in San Diego. The event, hosted on the San Diego waterfront, presented forward leaning design concepts for industry, for the city, and for the world. This assembly of thoughtful designers highlighted the value of design thinking with concrete examples of successful design coming from user-focused design processes.

Through collaboration with the Director of FabLab and other notable design thinkers in San Diego, Fuse put together the SPAWERX concept as an approach to connecting the communities of acquisition, industry, academia, and the warfighter. The forward thinkers holding salon talks, presenting, and engaging in user-centric design at Design Forward inspired Fuse to consider new ways to connect with the end user in the Department of Defense.

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