Fuse Awarded First Patent

(January 15, 2019) – Fuse is excited to announce that we have been awarded a patent from the US Patent and Trade Office. It is the first patent awarded to Fuse and Fuse CEO, Sumner Lee. The technology under patent provides multiple secure network computing environments in a single enclosure with electromagnetic isolation of the computing environments. It is at the heart of the CORE® multifunction network controller that we designed and built for use in secure computing environments.

In response to the news, Sumner said, “It is exciting to recognize the creativity of our team and the innovative application of forward leaning technology. I’m excited for the company and for the team as we apply this technology to products that have a positive impact on the warfighter.”

The CORE system is a family of secure multifunction network controllers that enable combined IP and tactical data link networking. CORE provides multiple networking functions in a single box and significantly reduces the physical footprint and the complexity of integration of secure network solutions. The CORE family of products exists across a variety of platforms reaching from aircraft-certified systems to vehicular units, data center and lab (19-inch rack-mounted) systems, and man-pack and executive transportable systems. CORE enables secure computing with multiple layers of encryption, firewall functionality, routing, switching, WAN optimization, and network monitoring and management.

Being awarded a patent acknowledges the fact that our team has designed and developed a truly unique, innovative solution for secure networks. Fuse continues to push the state of the art with additional innovations for secure networking, tactical networking, remote Internet of Things system monitoring, and network communications technology.

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