Fuse CEO Speaks at USC

(September 5, 2018) — Working in collaboration with veteran company MO Studio, Fuse CEO Sumner Lee and Fuse Lead Industrial Designer Jon Sabutis presented a design thinking classroom session and hands-on workshop for Professor Arvind Ramakrishnan's Global Strategy class. This USC Executive MBA class wanted to explore alternative approaches to design for global products and services. Aligned with the Fuse vision of using design thinking to focus on the user, it was presented as a tool for the next generation of business executives.

The Fuse team utilizes human-centered processes for design and engineering, which results in products and solutions that are more valuable, effective, and successful in the market. Far too often today’s technology market (in both defense and commercial spaces) sprints forward without including the user in assessment, design, and production, which causes a product to miss the mark and get cast off as just one more failure as a company pivots on the road to success. While design thinking is not a magic bullet, Fuse believes it is an excellent tool to strengthen and improve design and development for a company sprinting forward. A focus on the user will guide developers in the way they shape their end product, and empathy for the user will shape changes to products and services, allowing a company to pivot without having to throw away previously invested time and effort.

Fuse applies the design thinking process to defense and commercial design and engineering projects. The value of working closely with the warfighter can been seen in the amazingly positive response to Fuse products like the Roller CORE® roller bag for executive communications, CORE multifunction network controller, and T3 software which has been requested by fleet JICOs for three years in a row. After putting it into practice in both defense and commercial domains, Fuse is a real believer in the value of design thinking. While it was just a short introduction to the concept, we hope that the workshop and design thinking will be valuable to the students of this USC MBA class.

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