Fuse On Fox News

(January 7, 2017) - Founder and veteran Sumner Lee has been highlighted in a Fox News report on entrepreneur veterans in the San Diego community. The Fuse approach to clearly focus on the warfighter in systems engineering and design, as well as the value we recognize in veteran employees, team members, and partners, has captured recent media attention from Fox News, The New York Times, KPBS, and the San Diego Union Tribune. We are excited to be part of a vibrant veteran business environment in San Diego and proud to be an innovative company that is growing and providing value to our customers and our team, both of which include members of our armed forces.

The skills that veteran leaders and engineers have acquired through their time in service to our country provides value to business and to customers. If you are interested in supporting veterans, we suggest you look into one of several veteran support organizations in San Diego and nationally including:

  • The Honor Foundation
  • The Rosie Network
  • Patriotlist.us
  • Nuru International
  • Boots to Business

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