Fuse Overcoming Challenges from COVID-19

(October 16, 2020) – Our immediate and measured responses to COVID-19 enabled us to address and overcome many challenges to Fuse, like those encountered by other businesses. Our focus throughout this period has always remained providing a safe and healthy working environment for our team while ensuring our efforts are dedicated to our customers. Despite the challenges that we have all faced in recent times, Fuse adapted its internal and external operations to ensure our continued focus on our nation’s warfighters. Throughout this process, we have worked closely with our business partners and end users within CDC guidelines.

The Fuse team continues to diligently work through the pandemic with a mix of remote work and on-site support. From local, state, and federal guidelines to dealing with COVID change, Fuse has applied these measures and remained steadfast in its mission. We are, therefore, incredibly thankful for the support of our customers as we continue to design, build, test, and demonstrate advanced network and software solutions to enhance warfighter capabilities. COVID-19 presents challenges to us all, but our Fuse team has been and remains resilient. Our products are coming off the production line, lab testing continues, and ongoing operational flight evaluations are scheduled around the corner.

We are dedicated to supporting our nation’s warfighters, who stand ever vigilant despite this pandemic and other threats to our country. We are proud to continue delivering enhanced capabilities to them.