Fuse Rolls Out Ocular Software

(April 11, 2016) - When combating wildfires, firefighters and partner agencies can better coordinate activities when sharing a common operational picture (COP) of crew locations, landmarks, targets of interest, and visual communications. An airborne COP (ACOP) provides a simple, robust system for establishing voice and data communications with no existing infrastructure, which enables real-time situational awareness using currently available smartphones including Android and iPhone. The ACOP system facilitates a cost-effective solution that allows for easy deployment with a large array of Android or iPhone smartphones. The bring-your-own-device concept, integrated into the ACOP, allows responders to be plugged into the situation with the device already in their pocket. In addition, to the ease of deployment, the ACOP ensures operational security with the use of integrated transmission encryption, securing both voice and data. Integration of the ACOP allows agency firefighters to coordinate movements on the fly, track fire coverage over time, and reach across partner agencies with a shared view of the COP. From the operations center to the front line, all users can see a consistent view of the situation.

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