Fuse SA Toolest

Fuse develops map based situational awareness toolset: Fuse has focused its warfighter-focused approach on law enforcement and first responders to develop a situational awareness toolkit that is useful for communications between deployed teams of personnel, yet is easy to use in the heat of tactical activities. Through user workshops, ethnographic research into law enforcement operational activities, analogous research into military Common Operational Picture tools, and design exploration sessions with first responders, Fuse has developed an intuitive map based SA toolset. Using open source software components at the core of the design, with code customization for increased efficiency and functionality, Fuse has been able to move quickly through initial design and development activities to deliver a streamlined SA tool for users in the field. The toolset allows users add layers of data on top of a flexible base-map architecture.  Deployment has been completed for iOS mobile devices, and browser based workstations. An Android version of the system will be available within the next six months.

The FTrack system is available for use as a force-tracking application with embedded communications and analysis tools.

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