T3 in Trident Warrior

Fuse successfully demonstrated the Tactical Data Link Troubleshooting Tool (T3) end-to-end architecture and operational relevance during Trident Warrior 16 (TW 16). T3 pulls tactical data link (TDL) configuration settings and makes them available remotely via a web application and is a system that is proving to be very useful for operators of TDLs aboard ships. This system provides a major advance in diagnosing and remedying issues quickly on these mission-essential communications links and is poised to be a game-changer for system troubleshooting as well as analytics.

During TW 16, T3 was installed on the USS Howard (DDG-83), USS Princeton (CG-59), and USS Shoup (DDG-86). T3 then participated in the Experimentation phase of Trident Warrior during the transit from the west coast of the United States to Hawaii. With Fuse personnel riding shipboard as well as remotely monitoring from the Joint Information Control Center in Pearl Harbor, T3 was well represented. The team executed 7 different scenarios in which T3 was used to diagnose and address a misconfiguration/system error. In addition to collecting system performance data, the Fuse team gained valuable insights from operator feedback.

Congrats to the T3 team on a successful at-sea experiment!

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