Throwback Thursday: Tomcat Delivery

Lt. RIO Natalie "JJ" Caruso and Lieutenant Commander Charles “Scotty” Brown standing by the delivered F-14.

Lt. RIO Natalie "JJ" Caruso and Lieutenant Commander Charles “Scotty” Brown standing by the delivered F-14.

(December 13, 2018) – Fuse has assembled a team of creative, fun, innovative, and intelligent people, and the other day the team had the pleasure of discovering (or rediscovering, in some cases) that our very own T3 (Tactical Datalink Troubleshooting Tool) Program Manager, Natalie “JJ” Caruso, played a key role in a slice of history for the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum.

During her time as a Navy Lieutenant and F-14 Radar Intercept Officer, JJ helped deliver an F-14 Tomcat aircraft to the Reagan Library with Lieutenant Commander Charles “Scotty” Brown in October 2003. The crew of two flew the aircraft from the Naval Aviation Warfighting Development Center in Fallon, Nevada, to the Naval Air Station in Point Mugu, California. After its delivery, the aircraft was painted to resemble one of four historic F-14s flown during Reagan’s Presidency in the 1980s that made headlines for shooting down Libyan aircraft. After receiving the fresh coat of paint in tribute, the delivered aircraft was then transported to and displayed at the Reagan Library in August 2005 where it remains today, overlooking California’s Simi Valley. A few weeks ago, our Director of Strategy, Rebecca Unetic, came upon this very jet while in attendance at the Reagan National Defense Forum.

Natalie continues to be an essential Fuse team leader since becoming Fuse’s first full-time employee in 2012. Today, she leads the T3 program, guiding the deployment of an innovative software tool that will enable distributed decision makers and system experts by giving them remote insight into deployed ships’ status and configuration settings. Fuse is proud to have Natalie on our team!

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