Warfighter Workshops

(September 10, 2018) — Fuse is dedicated to advancing warfighter capabilities with elegant, user-focused communications, networks, and software systems. The best way that we can work toward achieving this cause is by getting direct user input and asking warfighters and other users what problems they have and how they think things can be better.

Warfighter Workshops are hands-on and highly interactive sessions, led and facilitated by Fuse team members, that bring warfighters, users, experts, and stakeholders together with Fuse designers and engineers to collaborate and explore a problem using design thinking. The warfighters, users, experts, and stakeholders supply their unique expertise and on-the-job knowledge, while Fuse designers and engineers supply their subject knowledge and techniques to help participants dig deeper into issues and constraints. Together, all participants work together to quickly explore and vet ideas and issues, making a solution better faster.

Participants iteratively build to learn using a foundation of user experience, data mapping, prototyping, and feedback. Actively prioritizing data, setting goals, and exploring ideas provides an arena for warfighters and users to get involved with designers and engineers who can help them address their needs, and gives designers and engineers a clear perspective of problems, constraints, and needs at hand. Warfighter Workshops give warfighters, users, and other participants a chance to have a greater impact on the improvement of operational effectiveness and system usability.

For more information about design thinking, check out our last Fuse Focus article, “Design Thinking in Practice.”

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Image of the front page of the Warfighter Workshops handout.