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January 5, 2021

Accelerating Production Timelines for the Navy’s Tactical Communications Processor

Fuse delivered software-based automated test tools accelerating the timeline for delivering mission-critical tactical communications systems to the fleet by more than 6 months. The Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) suite of software tools verify proper manufacturing, assembly, and operation of the Navy’s Command and Control Processor (C2P) before units are sent to operational U.S. Navy ships.   

Built in conjunction with PEO C4I Command and Control Program Office (PMW 150), the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) software is designed for production contractor use while the Government Acceptance Test (GAT) is aimed at the government lab test process. This process of verification is not new; but utilizing Fuse FAT software to run through an automated series of internal tests decreases assembly/hardware defects before the system is installed in the fleet and increases system availability in fleet. FAT software makes it possible for PMW 150 to conduct origin testing and establish a direct factory-to-fleet delivery process. Due to the maturity of the FAT software, PMW 150 will be able to implement this new process a year ahead of schedule.     

Fuse also released FAT software that provided continuous monitoring during 901E high impact shock and environmental tests, an important step in the operational vetting of a new machine intended for ship use. The Fuse team provided “exemplary assistance” real-time during the actual test to resolve a critical issue that would have caused this test to fail.   

Fuse applied our Warfighter Focused Design Process to work with stakeholders and engineers that would be using our software to understand use-cases and requirements. This resulted in an intuitive UI that walks the tester through test setup and execution and creates detailed test reports and documentation.   

It is amazing to think about the world of test and automation and how a simple software test can have such a huge impact on production and delivery timelines. Fuse looks forward to future opportunities like this! 

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