Fuse successfully employed a warfighter focused approach to design thinking for SPAWAR projects in PMW-120, PMW-150, PMW-170, PMA-231, and commercial clients such as Jordan Cove, Courtney Aviation, and Orison.  The Fuse approach to systems engineering, with an intense focus on the user, has resulted in software and system solutions that are intuitive, and directly address core user needs.

Fuse has extensive experience across multiple operational, engineering and design environment. Since its founding in 2010 Fuse has provided engineering support, design support, product development, and consulting support through a variety of commercial, defense, and government contracts.

Operational Experience

The Fuse team has extensive operational experience including:
  • Naval Aviation
  • Naval Surface Warfare
  • USMC communications
  • Navy communications
  • USCG Strike team leadership
  • USCG senior leadership
  • And extensive engineering experience

For more information about Fuse operational and engineering experience please mail us through the form at the bottom of this page.

Government Experience

Fuse government contract engineering, design, and consulting includes experience with:
  • SSC Pacific Code 5515
  • PMA-231 SBIR
  • PMW-150 SBIR
  • BFTN support
  • NSLC-A support
  • PMW-170 consulting subcontract
  • PMW-120 consulting subcontract
  • SSC Pacific Code 535 consulting subcontract
  • NAWDC engineering subcontract
  • Seaport-e