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Fuse Leadership

Jason Coe

Principal Network Engineer

Joe Daniels

Principal HW & Systems Engineer

Natalie Caruso

Deputy Director of Operations

Sumner Hunt Lee

CEO & President

Sumner founded Fuse with a vision to deliver critically needed capabilities to the warfighter through application of Design Thinking processes. He leads the company by aligning the team to a Noble Cause of “Advancing warfighter capabilities with elegant, user-focused communications, networks, and software systems.” By combining deep operational experience of veteran operators with exceptional engineering expertise inside Fuse, Sumner has assembled a team that successfully applies cutting-edge technology to real operational issues. The combined experience and expertise of the Fuse team has enabled successful transitions from research and development to products in the hands of our customer users.

Sumner started his career as a naval aviator. After graduating from the US Naval Academy, he graduated first in his class from flight school and flew H-46 helicopters through two deployments with the HC-11 “Gunbearers” out of San Diego. Later, he accepted a position leading the SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific airborne networking team. He was a plankowner of the Joint Tactical Edge Networking working group, and while at SPAWAR, he won three ONR Rapid Technology Transition projects, co-wrote the technical plan for the $70 million CABLE Joint Capability Technology Demonstration, and transitioned two airborne networking programs from projects into programs of record.

Before founding Fuse, Sumner worked as Director of Business Development at RKS Design, an internationally recognized strategy development and product design firm, where he came to appreciate the value of human-centered design. Sumner has been awarded a patent for a multi-enclave networking solution, an Exemplary Achievement Award from SPAWAR, and previously he served as a lieutenant in the US Navy. He also served in a leadership position at Centurion Boats, the Hindu Kush Ski Patrol, and founded M-WERX LLC. Sumner holds an MBA from the University of Southern California.

Dell Kronewitter, PhD

Director of Engineering

Dell is responsible for creating the company’s strategic technical direction and new programs as well as providing engineering subject matter expertise for software, network, and hardware solutions. He manages the engineering processes and documentation to ensure the delivery of high-quality systems. Dell applies his “Get S**t Done” attitude to the user’s needs by creating working prototypes early in the design and development process, building on decades of experience driving projects in this agile fashion. For every initiative, Dell brings his deep expertise in communication system development for robotic systems, POS systems, enterprise routers, carrier grade telecom analysis equipment, wireless MANET, sensor networks, airborne networking, and satellites.

Prior to Fuse, Dell served as software manager and lead engineer at San Diego Research Company, Argon ST, and Boeing (via acquisitions), responsible for various R&D wireless networking efforts and the ORBCOMM Gen 2 Satellite development effort. He previously served as software engineering instructor for UCSD Extension and was a principal engineer for Acterna, developing telecommunications test equipment. Earlier in his career, he worked at Newport Systems and Cisco developing the first PC based router.

Dell is an IEEE Senior Member (communications, robotics, control) and member of American Mathematical Society. He holds a PhD in mathematics from the University of California, San Diego, an MS in mathematics from the University of California, Irvine, and a BS in mathematics from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Rebecca Unetic

Director of Strategy

Rebecca oversees business development at Fuse, guiding the sales, marketing, and contract management activities with an eye toward delivering results for the company and clients alike. Before taking on her current role, Rebecca served as the Fuse project manager for Orison. She is known as a flexible, resilient leader who understands how to drive a strategy that benefits all key stakeholders.

Previously, Rebecca worked at Booz Allen Hamilton, where she provided PM support for Navy Multiband Terminal and Naval Senior Leadership Communications – Aircraft. At Booz, she was a project analyst supporting the stand up of NAVWAR 6.0 competency and definition of NAVWAR acquisition process. Rebecca holds an MS in global leadership from the University of San Diego and a BA in music and history from Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Dennis Wojcik

Director of Operations

Dennis is responsible for the daily operations of Fuse. He oversees the business and program operations, leads the program management office, and manages the CORE solution program. His commitment to the warfighter and drive for systems engineering excellence comes through in every interaction with the Fuse team and the clients we serve. Dennis has a track record of elevating quality management while encouraging innovative approaches, experimentation, and prototyping to solve the next warfighter challenge.

Before joining Fuse, Dennis served as the Director of Programs Common Mission Management Systems and HALE Mission Control Systems at Northrop Grumman. Previously, he served in the US Navy as an Advanced Development Integrated Product Team Leader focused on E-2C/E-2D network-centric warfare and a naval flight officer flying E-2C Hawkeye aircraft. Dennis earned a masters from the Joint Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) Joint Program in Oceanography/Applied Ocean Science and Engineering. He holds a BS in electrical engineering from Marquette University.

Jason Coe

Principal Network Engineer

Jason serves as the network team lead across all projects and as the systems architect for CORE, and is known as an optimistic, capable, thorough problem solver. He brings his creativity, passion, and practical sense to every activity—from overseeing project-related network architectures or leading customer network integrations to overseeing the company’s IT operations.

Before joining Fuse, Jason served as Director of IT at M&R Companies, where he managed the company’s IT operations across offices in the United States, Europe, and China. Jason holds an MS in information systems from Dakota State University and an MS in aeronautics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Joe Daniels

Principal HW and Systems Engineer

Joe leads our cross-functional team of mechanical, electrical, and systems engineers and designers responsible for developing the Fuse suite of hardware and integrated systems. A results-oriented leader deeply aligned with end-user needs, he also leads our team of production and testing technicians to deliver solutions that meet the highest quality and production sustainability standards.

Prior to Fuse, Joe worked at Nissan North America, where he led a team of engineering, production, and maintenance personnel on the Nissan Leaf global product launch. He also stood up three international production plants to supply the next generation of Nissan Leaf with the highest quality lithium ion batteries available. Joe holds a BS in mechanical engineering from West Virginia University.

Natalie Caruso

Deputy Director of Operations

Natalie supports all operations for Fuse, with a particular focus on talent acquisition and development. She is responsible for staffing projections and forward planning as well as managing the hiring, onboarding, training, certifications, and career advancement of team members. Natalie is a diligent, decisive leader who works closely with leadership to identify project staffing needs and talent gaps. A focused, dynamic communicator, she inspires others when communicating the company vision and mission to (and beyond) the Fuse team.

Natalie was employee number two at Fuse, serving as a ground-level team member from the start. Prior to Fuse, she served as a Radar Intercept Officer in the US Navy flying in the F-14 Fighter and in operational and program management leadership roles for multiple projects and tactical systems programs. Natalie holds an International MBA from the University of San Diego and a BS in political science from the US Naval Academy.