Fuse Integration

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High-Throughput, High-Frequency Networking Experience

Fuse is a warfighter-focused engineering and design firm with experience supporting high-throughput, high-frequency (HF) networking R&D for airborne and shipboard users. Fuse personnel have worked with HF networking for over 15 years, supporting system analysis, design, development, deployment, and testing.

Fuse Lab

The 22,000-square foot Fuse Headquarters includes a networking system integration lab with aircraft systems, HF radio systems, tactical data link (TDL) systems, common data link (CDL) systems, and a secure developmental network environment. A software development lab and Virtualized Networking Test Bed support development for network systems, TDL systems, and sensor monitoring systems. The CORE production space includes a prototyping and fabrication shop featuring additive manufacturing with carbon composite impregnated polymers giving Fuse an ability to react quickly to emergent build requirements. Fuse employs engineers and designers with DoD Secret and Top-Secret security clearances.

Fuse Networks Expertise

Our networks expertise is:

  • Patented device for integrating multiple secure networks (CORE®)
  • Radio aware networking development, implementation, and support
  • Virtualized Networking Stack supporting Software Defined Networking
  • Advanced dynamic networking capability with extensive experience fielding combined IP & TDL networks to airborne platforms
  • Network configuration, test, and support for expeditionary systems
  • Expertise in cyber-hardened networks

Smart Network System

See how we optimize airborne, shipboard, distributed, and mobile network environments to solve operational challenges.