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Modeling & Testing

Robust Simulation, Modeling, and Testing

In discussions of quality, the underlying question is, “Can this product reliably do what we need it to do in our environment?” Fuse’s answer to the quality question is a robust practice of simulation, modeling, and testing.

We have the capability to model demonstrations and test our software against them. We model entire networks and test traffic on them. In fact, for just about anything we develop, we can simulate the final scenario and model against it to validate quality. And we do just that, to identify areas of improvement or adjustments—and to certify approval before closing out product development.

Modeling and Testing Experience

Our experts are experienced with a broad set of modeling and testing application scenarios, including:

  • Mission modeling
  • Effects modeling
  • Hands-on test
  • Comparative test
  • Airborne field tests

Aerial Field Tests

Learn about our Flight Test Squadron, field testing products in flight.