Fuse products are inspired by the users with whom the Fuse team has worked so closely. Systems, devices, and software products developed by Fuse are honed to focus intently on specific user needs.

Roller CORE®

Roller CORE is the roller version of our CORE technology. This minimized SWaP network solution supports VIP network integration at remote or unimproved sites as well as hotel environments.


The CORE family of products provides a minimized SWaP networking and computing architecture for aircraft, vehicles, vessels, and mobile environments. CORE is an innovative product that compresses high power computing and robust enterprise-quality secure networking into a miniaturized mobile footprint. CORE has been developed by Fuse to include multiple form factors to support unique environments.

Tactical Technologies Toolset (T3)

T3 enables remote decision makers and system experts with remote insight into deployed ships' tactical data link (TDL) status and configuration settings.


Ocular is a secure mobile situational awareness and lightweight video management tool built for Android, iOS, and browsers that lets teams operate in distributed environments, providing a map-based view with shared location data, overlay markup, text, video, and voice connectivity.


THEIA is a fully manageable georeferenced video viewing system that seamlessly integrates and enhances the BOSCH video management systems (VMS). It is a secure, light-weight mobile application that graphically displays the location of cameras over an interactive map, making "one-click" secure, real-time video viewing possible.