Warfighter-Focused Engineering & Design

Fuse applies the best practices of design thinking to the most challenging engineering problems for commercial, military, and government clients.

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Operational and Engineering Experience

The Fuse team's operational expertise and engineering experience sets us apart from other design and engineering firms.

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Our User Focus Drives Innovation

Fuse utilizes a combination of creative thought and engineering processes that focus on user experience to deliver exceptional results.

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Cutting-Edge Airborne Networking

Interconnected airborne platforms provide unprecedented collaborative capabilities on the battlefield using systems that are simple, secure, and flexible.

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Patented Networking & Computing Technology

Fuse's patented family of secure multifunction network controllers offers reliable security and platform flexibility.

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Our vision is to enhance operator capabilities with user-focused communication, network, and software systems

New technology, however ground-breaking, will not perform as desired without deep consideration of the complex ecosystem surrounding it. At Fuse, we believe the user should live at the heart of the design process, to ensure the maximum impact, adoption, and engagement of a new product or service. User-centered design, also known as human-centered design, is different from a tech-driven approach, which can be full of wrong assumptions about peoples, needs, priorities, and aspirations.

The Whiteboard

01/15/19 0 comments
Fuse Awarded First Patent
Fuse has been awarded its first patent from the US Patent and Trade Office.
01/08/19 0 comments
Fuse Is Taking Over!
Fuse is taking over the Instagram of San Diego: Life. Changing. for #TakeoverTuesday!
12/13/18 0 comments
Throwback Thursday: Tomcat Delivery
Throwback Thursday to our own T3 Program Manager touching a piece of Reagan Museum history.
12/07/18 0 comments
Supporting San Diego Fisher House
In support of local veterans, Fuse was proud to donate to the San Diego Fisher House.
10/19/18 0 comments
Fuse Focus: Maintaining Design’s Value in Modern Society
Fuse’s Lead Graphic Designer discusses design thinking and user experience as a reflection of society and the resulting importance of careful design-term stewardship.
09/10/18 0 comments
Warfighter Workshops
Warfighter Workshops are an essential part of Fuse's unique approach to design and engineering.
09/05/18 0 comments
Fuse CEO Speaks at USC
Fuse CEO Sumner Lee and Lead Industrial Designer Jon Sabutis led a design thinking workshop for a USC MBA class.
08/15/18 0 comments
Fuse Earns Rank on Inc. 5000
For the first time, Fuse has earned a spot on the Inc. 5000, acknowledging our innovation and fast growth.
07/30/18 0 comments
Fuse Focus: Design Thinking in Practice
Fuse's Lead Industrial Designer discusses the importance of "design thinking."