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DARE Airborne Networking Gateway

DARE Airborne Networking Gateway

Every day, airborne warfighters operating in rugged environments face very real communication challenges tied to mountainous terrain and other obstacles that can block signals—just when they need them the most. A lost signal or unreliable connection can impact the outcome of a mission.

Secure. Flexible. Reliable. DARE provides an inexpensive, quick-reaction capability that has been successfully flight tested through multiple Navy and USAF events. It is ready for use in forward deployed environments, keeping warfighters connected to their command centers and each other in contested environments.

The DARE pod is an airborne networking gateway designed to extend tactical edge networking to disadvantaged users, providing extended network connectivity for airborne and ground-based warfighters. Delivering a distributed airborne networking solution in a wing-mounted pod airframe, DARE is compatible with multiple aircraft and has previously flown on MQ-1B.

DARE provides agility across the radio frequency spectrum with simultaneous use of multiple radios, and a tactical data link (TDL) gateway able to push tracks and TDL data back to distributed command centers via JREAP-C.

DARE Fast Facts

  • Combined TDL and IP networking with crossbanding
  • DARE pod currently integrates:
    • Link 16
    • Dual Ku-band CDL
    • ANW2 mesh
    • TrellisWare
    • TTNT
    • Other options
  • DARE shell can support different radio configurations, depending on requirements
  • Standardized under-wing mounted pod airframe built to fit MIL-STD-8591 mounting brackets
  • Connects to the aircraft with MIL-STD-1760 power, MIL-STD-1553 serial data, and ethernet

DARE Airborne Networking Gateway

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