Fuse was founded with a noble cause of bringing the benefits of commercial human-centered design processes to first responder and military systems engineering. As veterans, Fuse Founders identified that far too much engineering for DoD systems did not connect with the real needs of the users at the tactical edge. Those users, warfighters who are deployed around the world today, face some of the most challenging and life threatening situations anywhere on earth. We entrust our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines to defend our country; they deserve to be equipped with systems that meet their needs, improve their quality of life, and help them accomplish their mission safely and efficiently.

The pace of innovation for network, software, and technology systems continues to accelerate faster than our government acquisition systems, and Fuse is working hard to lead the charge with an agile approach to development and a rapid prototyping ethos for the way we build systems. Fuse is focused on designing and delivering intuitive, quality products for the user.

NOBLE CAUSE | Advancing warfighter capabilities with elegant user-focused communications, networks, and software systems.

We Identify with Our Users

Fuse’s advantage and specialization for warfighter-focused design and engineering comes not only from the experience of our CEO and Board of Directors, but also from the diverse experiences of our team members. Approximately 40 percent of Fuse’s team members are veterans. Some of our team members also have experience serving our country in federal public service. These unique experiences, together with commercial knowledge and processes, help us to realistically and gainfully innovate for our users and meet their special needs and requirements. This combined value of operational experience and design and engineering expertise sets Fuse apart from other design and engineering firms. We work closely with our clients and highly value the ability to bridge the gap between the operator and the engineer with a focus on the user.

Fuse teams utilize design thinking in addition to agile methodology to ensure that we iterate, test, learn, and improve with purpose. For more information about our process, click the button below.

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Our San Diego Headquarters Fuels Creativity and Innovation

Today, Fuse’s headquarters is located in Kearny Mesa, a community just north of downtown San Diego. We’ve made great efforts to inject creativity and personality inspired by our previous location into our new space as we continue to grow. We intend to carry on the maker’s spirit in Kearny Mesa and continue to spread creative leadership, inspiration, and innovation.

We strive to advance technological innovation and attention to user experience in the defense industry. San Diego plays a key role in our country’s defense as home of the world’s largest defense cluster and is also celebrated as a hot spot for innovative companies and start-ups. This combination has paired exquisitely with our goals and capabilities. The city is a wonderful conglomeration of creativity, innovation, security, and technology, and we are proud to call it home and further reinforce these qualities.

Fuse is growing quickly and we are looking for more smart, engaged, and motivated team members who are ready to make a difference. To see more information about our open jobs or to apply, check out our job portal by clicking the button below.

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QUALITY POLICY | Fuse and its employees are committed to meeting customer and legal requirements to achieve customer satisfaction. We will always strive to provide quality products on time and continually improve our quality management system.

Our Team Is Devoted to Quality

Fuse has developed and implemented a quality management system to ensure that our team maintains and delivers the best quality products and systems to the warfighter and other users. Because of our focus on the warfighter and supporting our country’s defense, we understand how imperative it is to provide the highest quality, most reliable tools for vital missions. We are committed to providing consistent quality and constant improvement.

We welcome you to stop by if you are interested in working with us or learning more about what we can do. Please check out our Contact page using the button below for more information.

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