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November 2, 2022

Fuse Conducts Successful Live-Flight Demo of Tactical Edge Networking Capability for the Office of Naval Research

Fuse conducted another successful live-flight demonstration of its Tactical Edge Networking capability! The October Technical Concept Experiment (TCE) was hosted by the Office of Naval Research. In the joint multi-domain exercise, which replicated expeditionary operations in a contested littoral environment, Fuse enabled the interconnecting of distributed nodes and provided persistent sea-to-shore networked communications via text, voice and live video feeds.

“Today’s warfighters are routinely operating in multi-domain joint operational environments that rely on dependable and secure connections and communications,” said Rebecca Unetic, Director of Strategy at Fuse. “Fuse capabilities are built for operational relevance and this Navy-Marine Corps exercise further demonstrates the readiness and applicability of our products and technologies on board ships and aircraft today.”

Throughout the multi-day exercise, held along Camp Pendleton’s Red Beach training area in California, Fuse engineers and technical personnel effectively integrated user data from various technologies into the overall event network architecture. The team provided data linkages over disparate mesh and CDL networks in a highly terrain-challenged environment; securely connected beyond-line-of-sight command posts and tactical units; extended the range of communications to enable joint amphibious operations and naval mine countermeasures; and facilitated text and live video across the multi-domain, multi-link network with cyber-secure IP and TDL gateways. 

As with previous Navy-Marine Corps exercises, the Fuse TEN architecture demonstrated persistent, secure and resilient networked communications from sea to shore in a constructive command and control/denied and degraded environment. The TEN architecture is designed to accelerate the sensor-decider-shooter cycle and enhance data-informed decision-making critical in the modern battlespace, enabling the U.S. Defense Department’s JADC2 initiative. It also facilitates rapid prototyping with joint networks and “speed to fleet” deployment across multi-domain platforms.

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