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7 April 2021

Patches Bring Squadron Culture to Fuse

Fuse used its native 3D printing capability to rapidly prototype and solve a pop-up hardware issue. This issue was identified during local flight-testing of an integrated communications pod. The Fuse hardware team designed and printed cable backshells to fix a connector orientation issue at the last minute of flight testing. The quick-thinking and skilled engineering of the team ensured that flight testing was able to continue with minimal schedule slippage.A big part of the Fuse culture is keeping our team of tech experts clearly focused on the warfighter. A small way of pulling our engineers into the domain of aviation is our own squadron and detachment patches. Fuse recently celebrated successes of the past year with the addition of patches to our Warfighter Wall. The wall hosts patches from the past ships, squadrons, and commands of our team, as well as those of our customers and users.  To this display of insignia our team has added their own commemorative marks.  Our patches are small way of celebrating the hard work of the team.  

This year Fuse celebrated our ten-year anniversary. Life here in San Diego mixes the beach, with ships, aircraft, and global deployments. 

Our MUDLAN team has performed exceptionally well! Together with teammates from George Mason University, Pacific Antenna Systems, First RF, Boeing, and Cubic we have been able to pull a struggling Tech Demo up to be an exceptionally successful experiment with multiple aircraft and multiple firsts.

2020 was a tough year with the impact of COVID lockdowns. We are proud of our Essential Workers at Fuse and proud of the impact our team is having on warfighting capabilities despite the lockdown. 

Our T3 software has deployed to its first lifetime deployment onboard ship. It is exciting to have our Fuse systems out in the fleet.


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