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T3 Remote Network Management

Tactical Technologies Toolset (T3) Remote Network Monitoring and Management

Warfighters depend on reliable and robust data sharing to do their jobs, wherever they are deployed. If an essential network slows or blacks out, there’s no time for lengthy troubleshooting or repairs to get the operational information they need.

Fuse’s Tactical Technologies Toolset (T3) is a remote network monitoring and management solution for multi-domain operations. Presenting an enterprise view of distributed fleet networks and systems, T3 provides commanders and decision makers with an intuitive layout of tactical data link (TDL), network, and radar settings and status. Practical graphics and design of the interfaces support easy understanding of what’s happening, even for those who are not network engineers.

Authorized operators can locally or remotely monitor and configure system operations. If something starts to go wrong, they can rapidly identify, isolate, and resolve network issues. This means, warfighters can continue their missions with full operational awareness.

T3 incorporates an optimized bandwidth management protocol for efficient data sharing among multiple nodes, preserving bandwidth for operational use. When adjustments need to be made, the system supports direct collaboration between fleet operators and system subject matter experts to solve configuration issues in real time, before degraded performance can interfere with the mission.

T3 Fast Facts

  • Allows authorized users remote insight of:
    • System settings
    • Network status
    • Tactical information
    • Legacy information/historical analysis
    • System operational parameters
  • Utilizes minimal bandwidth on existing networks
  • Allows the user to determine type and amount of data displayed
  • Aggregates data from multiple sources
  • Provides an intuitive user interface
    • Global view, with drill-down for specific details
    • System can be tailored to display relevant data from various sources

T3 Differentiators

  • Comprehensive and integrated network and system monitoring and management (all network layers) of heterogeneous devices, open aggregator interfaces support rapid device integration
  • Web based – zero weight web browser functionality on any asset, IA qualifications reduced
  • Designed to see entire multi-platform network, meta-data transfer mechanism (sqlPEP) optimized for Disconnected, Intermittent, Low Bandwidth (DIL) links, with virtually no impact on user data
  • Network Decision Support System – designed with collaboration from JICOs to assist decision making and automatically validate network configurations

Trident Warrior 16

T3 was successfully installed on three US Navy ships during the Trident Warrior 16 at-sea exercise. The overall secure, end-to-end network architecture was successfully demonstrated in an operational environment. T3 for SPY monitoring continues to move toward fleet deployment with an installation on USS Monterey via AEGIS Virtual Twin.

T3 Remote Network Management

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