Fuse Integration


April 13, 2021

Rapid Prototyping Proves Networking Capabilities

The Fuse Test Squadron took to the skies over San Diego yet again in the past couple of weeks to demonstrate advanced airborne networking capabilities using off-the-shelf radio and link equipment. Fuse has been able to achieve exceptional success with complex networks of networks, operating in constrained airborne environments, using the CORE family of systems. Fuse software running in CORE has closed the gap for network connectivity over dissimilar links. A constant drumbeat of flight testing has allowed our team to connect with the user and constantly experiment with new approaches to configuration and connectivity. The amazing feat of interconnecting dissimilar aircraft with dissimilar links has been achieved using CORE in this environment of constant test throughout development. 

Test and demonstration will sometimes fail, but the critical step forward is to learn at every chance you get and continue forward without making the same mistake twice. This approach of build, test, break, rebuild and test again has brought us to a point where our systems are working consistently, and our capabilities are proven! It is exciting to see this approach to rapid prototyping helping to drive the fleet forward! 

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