Fuse was founded in 2010 by Sumner Lee, our president and CEO, and is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). Sumner started Fuse with the objective of delivering innovative network and software solutions for the first responder and the warfighter, and used his own operational experience gained while flying helicopters in Operation Iraqi Freedom and technical/acquisition experience gained through five years of leadership at SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific to make his dream a reality. Fuse’s resulting dedication to user-focused design and engineering has earned it recognition as an emerging leader in airborne networking. Fuse is projected to rapidly grow and help forge the growth of California’s economy.

MISSION | Fuse’s mission is to provide innovative hardware and software solutions that bridge the gap between operators and technology. Fuse conducts user-focused research and development through agile systems engineering methods to deliver secure, dynamic decision aids to end users supporting strategic missions.

VISION | Fuse strives to deliver warfighter capabilities with elegant user-focused communications, networks, and software systems.

We Identify With Our Users

Fuse’s perceived advantage and specialization for warfighter-focused design and engineering comes not only from the experience of our CEO and Board of Directors, but also from the diverse experiences of our team members. Approximately 40 percent of Fuse’s team members are veterans. Some of our team members also have experience serving our country in federal public service. These unique experiences, together with commercial knowledge and processes, help us to realistically and gainfully innovate for our users and meet their special needs and requirements. This combined value of operational experience and design and engineering expertise sets Fuse apart from other design and engineering firms. We work closely with our clients and highly value the ability to bridge the gap between the operator and the engineer with a focus on the user.

Fuse teams utilize design thinking in addition to agile methodology to ensure that we iterate, test, learn, and improve with purpose. For more information about our process, click the button below.

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Our Unique Headquarters Fuels Creativity and Innovation

Since 2015, Fuse has been a proud tenant of the historic and artistic warehouse on 1425 E Street. From the 1970s to the 1990s, the area’s underground artists and pioneers also called East Village’s “Warehouse District” their home. There, these artists used many of the district’s abandoned warehouses and collective artistic spaces where they could house their art and live among it. As the neighborhood evolved, it saw the decline of these live/work spaces and with it the creative spirit that so enriched the community.

In May 2013, this creative spirit was refueled during the art event Warehouse 1425, when what is now our headquarters, a 6,000-square-foot historical warehouse space, housed a one-night-only art show featuring 35 local artists. What you see on location today is the art that remains from that show, art that continues to inspire and engage our team members and visitors.

Today, our location in the warehouse at 1425 E Street affirms our place in one of San Diego’s most creative and innovative districts, Makers Quarter, a community of entrepreneurs, artists, and makers centralized in San Diego’s East Village that together to drive leadership, inspiration, and innovation. Fuse is excited to encourage and promote the creative legacy and future of the area.