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Innovative Software with a Purpose

The Fuse team is truly focused on the warfighter throughout every software development process. We conduct Fuse Warfighter Workshops as our primary information base to understand what’s truly required.

Our iterative process aligns all aspects of research, design, development, production, deployment, and support. Under an end-to-end system with explicit management processes and engineering rigor, we ensure results that make a difference in the life and mission of the warfighter.

An Agile Approach

Fuse’s expert software development teams use an agile methodology to quickly develop and deliver capabilities that make a difference for warfighters and their missions. Our proprietary quality management system is an ISO 9001-certified approach to ensuring that every product and solution is a fit for customer needs and requirements.

The agile approach eliminates issues associated with the long serial phases of a traditional waterfall method of software development. Agile methodologies focus on short iterations of development that end with potentially deployable products, allowing us to routinely integrate users early in the design and throughout development to ensure the final product meets their needs.

We use a Scrum process to guide our iterative development cycles, which allows us to organize multidisciplinary teams for development efforts. That gets us from prototype to product faster—and with improved buy-in from the end user. We drive development by generating a series of minimally viable products or enhancement to existing products, sprint by sprint. Our review process and commitment to continuous improvement supports increased flexibility, efficient production, and greater quality of the deliverable.

“Be good (and open).”

The Google motto takes on special significance at Fuse in our military-focused product development. Our designs are characterized by continually using open interfaces, open source software, government-furnished information software, and available military and commercial standards.

Instead of developing proprietary, vendor-locked systems, Fuse goes out of our way to implement existing mature government off-the-shelf (GOT) software and hardware solutions to create a design that exceeds expectations at a reduced cost and fits in well with existing fielded military hardware and software. Open Mission Systems, websockets, PostgreSQL, Google Flat Buffers, EMANE, and ATR MIL standards all jump to mind as examples.

Software Expertise

The Fuse software development process adheres to military software and security requirements and our engineers are steeped in development best practices, with expertise in:

  • Systems engineering
  • Network engineering
  • Software engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Materials engineering
  • Aerospace engineering
  • Aircraft integration