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CORE Is Qualified to Work With AWS IoT Greengrass

Today’s military devices and sensors increasingly require greater interconnectivity, particularly at the tactical edge. Enhancing interconnectivity is essential for battlefield advantage.

CORE® is qualified for Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT Greengrass, giving customers and partners an enhanced ability to create an Internet of Things (IoT) solution at the tactical edge for ground, air, and sea platforms.

What Is AWS IoT Greengrass?

AWS IoT Greengrass is an open-source edge runtime and cloud service for building, deploying, and managing device software. The software extends the benefits of AWS IoT Core to the edge and includes support for AWS Lambda, so connected devices can reliably interact with local resources and process data locally—minimizing the cost of transmitting data to the cloud.

The AWS best-in-class cloud computing services, combined with CORE’s ruggedization and innovative design, creates exponential possibilities for tactical edge communications.

Why Select CORE For Your AWS IoT Greengrass Deployment?

  • CORE is qualified for AWS IoT Greengrass, so you know it works
  • Type 1 Encryption integrated, the only AWS IoT Greengrass device integrated with military grade physical encryption requirements
  • Multi-Domain Connectivity, across ground, air, and sea platforms
  • Proven, Ruggedized Tactical Edge Computing System, for austere and challenging environments
  • Available on the AWS Partner Device Catalog, for your convenience


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