Image of Fuse's CORE product with Most Innovative Product award

Fuse's CORE product was the winner of Connect's 2017 Most Innovative Product award.

CORE is significantly smaller than currently deployed enterprise networking solutions, but maintains high-speed computing and high density solid state storage on modular computing cores. The innovative design of CORE lets users swap and replace computing components in the field while maintaining secure separation of data, a capability not found in any other airborne computing platform.

CORE hosts a powerful Decoupled System Manager (DSM) utility that provides visibility of system and network performance across multiple distributed nodes with an easy to use graphical interface. Using bandwidth-efficient algorithms, DSM can communicate key status information to remote network manager and allows authorized users to manage system configuration.


Military and commercial applications icon CORE is available for military and commercial applications.
Switching icon CORE provides advanced, enterprise-level routing capabilities.
Tested icon CORE is tested to MIL-STD-810G environmental, MIL-STD-461G electromagnetic, and MIL-STD-704F power requirements for aircraft and mobile installation.
Encrypted icon Powerful encryption inside CORE keeps your computing environment secure.
Firewall icon Fuse added a firewall to CORE that is well beyond platform requirements to provide extra security for communications.
Minimized icon A minimized footprint with just 1/4 ATR size.
Visibility icon Cross-node visibility into system configuration and metrics through distributed, decoupled network management software.
Interconnected icon Multiple CORE units can interconnect (not unlike Voltron) to form a powerful system of multiple enclaves.
Virtualized icon Virtualized environments with separation of key components to enable flexible adaptation of the system as a whole. Virtualized subsystems allow CORE to adapt to changing needs without costly changes to hardware or footprint.
US flag icon CORE is made in the USA (a secure supply chain is important to Fuse).


The software suite embedded in CORE includes enterprise level routing and switching capability with Gigabit ethernet speeds. Cybersecurity is maintained with embedded firewalls available on both the Cypher Text and Plain Text sides of the network. Network efficiency is enhanced by CORE with an embedded WAN accelerator and Decoupled System Management software that is able to provide real-time network information and control across and enterprise of deployed CORE systems. CORE enhances network connectivity over SATCOM, microwave and mesh network connections to the tactical edge.

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