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August 8, 2023

At Fuse, It’s Common to Bike, Scooter, or Skateboard to Work

“The choice of where to locate a business has always been important. At a time when many are returning to hybrid or in-person work, location is a bigger factor than ever in attracting and maintaining a talented workforce. Four years ago, Fuse moved its headquarters to Kearny Mesa, a location just north of downtown San Diego. This was a strategic move, based on culture and their employees’ experience. Considerations for work-life balance, proximity to partners, access to airfield assets for its Flight Test Squadron, and commutability all played a part.

Today, the fast-growing company has a slew of team members who drive, bike, and, yes — even skateboard to work!”

So opens a new California Business Journal article, “How’s Your Commute? At Fuse, It’s Common to Bike, Scooter, or Skateboard to Work,” that describes how the company’s culture and priorities drove the decision about where to relocate four years ago.

Requirements around a desire for work-life balance and a healthy lifestyle, access to a military talent pool and defense tech community, and proximity to an airfield all helped to pinpoint the right location. Then, special touches such as room for indoor bike storage and a feature skateboard rack all help to reinforce the unique culture Fuse has created.

Read the article via California Business Journal to get the full story.

Or download a PDF of the article from the Resources page of our website.

About Fuse Integration Fuse is a warfighter-focused engineering and design firm providing innovative communications, networking and computing solutions for defense customers. The company’s virtualized network systems, tactical edge network and airborne networking gateway products improve the sharing of information, video, text and voice among warfighters throughout airborne, maritime and ground environments. Fuse is a service-disabled veteran-owned small business with headquarters in San Diego and a corporate office in Washington, D.C. www.fuseintegration.com

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