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Federal News Network Publishes Virtual Network Test Bed Article from Fuse’s Jason Coe

When defense and industry collaborate to develop tactical edge networking and communications innovations, hardware, software and system advancements typically take priority over integrations. 

“Too often, just when the team believes that each of the innovations are ready to test, the ‘last mile’ of network integrations and critically important application flows don’t work as intended, and they’re challenging and time-consuming to resolve.”

That insight comes from Fuse’s Systems Architect, Jason Coe, in his Federal News Network article. 

In “Change the Defense innovation game: Use a virtual network test bed from day one,” Coe describes a development process that uses a virtual network test bed (VNTB). Cross-functional defense teams are starting to use a VNTB to integrate suites of commercial off-the-shelf hardware and open-source technologies to validate and experiment with the combined network configurations early in the process. 

To learn about introducing VNTBs into the development process through a “crawl, walk, run, sprint … then fly!” approach, read the full article via Federal News Network

Or download a PDF of the article from the Resources page of our website. 

About Fuse Integration

Fuse is a warfighter-focused engineering and design firm providing innovative communications, networking and computing solutions for defense customers. The company’s virtualized network systems, tactical edge network and airborne networking gateway products improve the sharing of information, video, text and voice among warfighters throughout airborne, maritime and ground environments. Fuse is a service-disabled veteran-owned small business with headquarters in San Diego and a corporate office in Washington, D.C. www.fuseintegration.com